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Don't be selfless.
Be otherful.

(or selfish)


2022's must read school leadership book.


 otherful (adj).


 - a leader who spots the greatness of other people

 - a school leadership style that recognizes that

  •      teachers don't want to be fixed; they want to be helped

  •      leaders can't do anything on their own

  •      how others understand things isn’t an obstacle; it's a resource

spot (v).

- to recognize, witness

- to support, like in weight

       lifting or a trust fall

 A book of essays to read together

perfect for college admin classes and leadership PD


we're the problem

Our blindspots hobble our ability to lead, forcing others to work around us. Instead, we need to ask others to teach us what we aren't seeing.

we can't make anyone do anything

Teachers don't work hard on something they aren't invested in. Neither do we. But when we share our power, we trade control for influence.


Stop being afraid of mistakes. When we fail out loud & humbly learn, our whole school grows more resilient & courageous.


We can handle our teachers as prize stallions or pack mules. Guess which one gets better results, chief?

Teachers & Administrators love  Otherful

"the most readable & helpful ed leadership book that I’ve ever read"

"nonstop takeaways, action plans, and fun"

"seriously, EVERY administrator & teacher in the country

should read this book"

"funny, raw, real, & actually usable"

"OTHERFUL could be the beginning of a movement"

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mike kleba 

is a public high school English teacher & theatre director with more than 20 years in the classroom. An artist & entrepreneur, he has been invited to speak about leadership around the country and the globe. He holds degrees from Villanova University & Duquesne University.

the teacher

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the administrator

Ryan O'Hara, Ed.d. 

is an assistant principal in a K-12 public school district. Before moving into educational leadership, he taught high school and middle school English for 10 years. He holds degrees from St. John's University, Stony Brook University, Long Island University, & Hofstra University.

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